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2004 Spring 10K Races

Run for the Children

4th of July is a running holiday.
To earn rights to race Peachtree,
Sub-50 gets you into group 1-A;
Sub-55 settles you into 1-B.
Third running for me and this race, Couldn't ask for better weather. Must maintain a qualifying pace Or be depressed beyond measure.
More than past years, we're running hills, I attempt to avoid collapse. Running hard takes lots of skills, Especially closing the gaps.
52:54, in 1-B, so next race I'll try To run a better time for racing in July.

The Chattahoochee Road Runners' 10K Road Race

Running the 10K from Chattahoochee,
Up above the perimeter.
Like the others, this one ain't free,
But time group desire knows no limiter.
As if the race wouldn't cause enough pain, Running up and down the hills, The sky was drizzling rain, Adding some extra thrills.
To make it into timegroup 1-A You must run the course sub-fifty. I ran 50 and 5 seconds, with that delay, It makes my time not so nifty.
To return to the start, they put us on busses, The engine could barely drown my cusses!

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Neal Ford  |
  • Author, ThoughtWorker, & Meme Wrangler