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2001 Maui "Run with the Whales" Marathon 4:56:xx
2001 Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon (current PR) 4:17:xx
2001 Berlin Marathon 4;27:xx
2002 Mercedes Marahton (Birmingham Alabama) 4:31:xx
2003 Berlin Marathon 5:46:22
2004 Cherry Blossom (Macon, GA) 5:36:15
2004 Berlin Marathon 5:30:xx
2005 Cherry Blossom (Macon, GA) 6:00:xx
2005 Berlin Marathon ?
2006 Berlin Marathon ?
2006 Chicago Marathon 6:00:xx

Race Reports

Race reports are stories, frequently humorous, sometimes tragic, of what happens during the course of a race. I certainly didn't invent this concept -- there are lots of them out on the Internet. However, the others don't apply to me, so here is MY collection of race reports.

Traditionally, race reports are long-ish narratives, which describes my marathon and Ironman reports. However, it seems a waste to spend all that effort to write (and especially read!) all that stuff for shorter races. To that end, I've decided add a few other literary categories to my race reports. The following types of races end up in these categories:

Race Format
Type of Report
5K Haiku
10K Sonnet
1/2 Marathon Epic Poem
Marathon Traditional narrative
Sprint Triathlon Hack Poetry
Olympic Triathlon Free Poetry
Ironman Traditional narrative

Don't for a moment mistake me for an actual poet (or narrative author for that matter). This is just a fun way to report about the races without boring everyone to tears.

The Reports

Ironman Wisconsin

Sept 6th, 2003

Spring 10K Races in Atlanta (Trying for a Peachtree qualifying time)
Spring 10Ks: Run for the Chilldren, Chattahoochee Road Runners' 10K Road Race
Cornelius "No Guts, No Glory" Spring Triathlon

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Neal Ford  |
  • Author, Thoughtworker, & Meme Wrangler