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Developing with Delphi: Object-oriented Techniques

Edward C. Weber, J. Neal Ford, Christopher Weber

Prentice Hall Computer Books; Book and Disk edition (January 1996)
ISBN: 0133781186 (Out of Print)

Publisher Blurb:

This text shows how to apply object-oriented programming techniques using Delphi, Borland's second generation, visual, client/server development tool. It includes insights into creating large applications in a team development environment, and covers advanced topics such as version control, reusable components and client/server connectivity. A toolkit is included on the accompanying disk which contains common application components that can be used immediately saving developers time and money.

The complete guide to creating large mission-critical applications with Delphi. The authors, all experienced developers, cover the object-oriented concepts underlying Delphi, present examples including a comprehensive case study, and show how Delphi can be used with other technologies, such as OLE 1.0/2.0, DDE, Windows DLLS, and database-related tools.

The Real Skinny:

This book was written about Delphi 1.0, which caused a lot of breathless enthusiam in the programming world when it came out. Our publisher was Prentice Hall, which was essentially a publisher of text books. We got the book done, which provided a reasonable overview of Delphi. It was not particularly about Object-oriented Techniques, but the publisher insisted on that title. We sent the book off to the publisher and waited, and waited, and waited...11 months (!) after we had sent them the final manuscript, the book was published, about two months before Delphi 2.0 (the 32-bit version) came out. Needless to say, our book had a short shelf life. Our publisher thought this was OK because no one gets in a hurry for a text book. I found out later, ironically enough, that the California Polytechnic University at Pomona actually used it as a text book!

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